Gothic and Medieval Car Bow

Car decoration for a wedding in the Gothic or medieval style.

The garland on the right and left are 2 meters (78 inch) long for attachment to side mirrors. Each decorated with a satin bow and chiffon rose. Suction cup is used for fastening.

The main bow is made of 18cm (7 inch) wide organza in black and decorated in the front with 6cm (2.5 inch) wide organza in bordeaux (wine red). Also ornamented with a satin bow and chiffon rose, as well as suction button for fastening

At the front, the ribbons are 1 meter (39 inch) long. These can be fluttering in the wind or as well as an extra fastening by clamping it on the bonnet or to be wrapped around the bumper.

EUR 25.95
Tax incl.

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